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Company Registration Services for Kuala Lumpur malaysia

EBM Company Registration Services

We will prepare your formation documents and send them to the state for filing. The progress of your entity formation is monitored and your filed documents are forwarded to you upon receipt of confirmation. The average timeframe for a company registration is 6 days.

  1. The availability search and registration of the company name.
  2. Stamp Duty Fee Payment to the Treasury for the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. The Preparation of all Relevant Company Secretarial Forms and Filing of the Forms with the ROC
  4. Company Common Seal - Top Quality - Guaranteed to Last for 10 Years
  5. Printed Share Certificates Book - All Share Certificates Pre - Printed in the Company's Name - Not the Blank Share Certificates
  6. Statutory Company Register Books in accordance with the Companies Act, 1965
  7. Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes Book of the Company
  8. Five Sets of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M & A)
  9. Three Sets of CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES of All Documents of the Ready Made Shelf Company by the Company SECRETARY Form 49 - Company Directors' Particulars, Form 24 - Share Allocation Form, Form 32A - Share Transfer Form
    Form 9 - Certificate Of Incorporation and Form 44 - Particulars Of Company Registered Office - Free Of Charge
  10. The Preparation of the First Company Bank Account Opening Resolution - ( To Open The Company Bank Account)
  11. The Preparation of the First Company Statutory Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes - within 30 Days
  12. The Free Company Bank Account Chop/Stamp -
  13. The Appointment of The NEW DIRECTORS (at least TWO)  
  14. The Cost of Preparation of Documents, Travelling Expenses and other Related Cost for the NEW Company INCORPORATION
  15. Free Application Forms For Company Bank Account Application Available - Save Yourself A Trip To The Bank

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