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EBM Europe

EBM Europe

Our team is ready to assist European companies who wish to establish a presence in the Asia Pacific region.

With extensive experience working with our Malaysian partners, our European staff will guide you through the pre-evaluation process to see if your company is a good fit for the Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and/or Middle Eastern markets.  If it qualifies, they will assist you each step of the way through our Kuala Lumpur office in Malaysia, guiding you through the necessary networking, and your company’s eventual introduction process into the Asian market. 

In addition, EBM Europe can introduce you to some of the most exciting and powerful markets in Europe.  With contacts throughout the Continent, our European-based team can evaluate your company for a good regional market fit, and if it qualifies, help network and introduce your business into some of the most influential and powerful markets in the world.

And if you’re looking to expand into the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, EBM Europe can help. By working with our sister office EBM America in the United States, we can introduce your unique, European style to a brand new market in the West.

Contact EBM Europe for more information.

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Malaysia has the infrastructure in place that you require for your Business.
It is often a hard decision where to locate your business in Asia. Let us assist you finding the right location for your business.
We will prepare your formation documents and send them to the state for filing. The average time frame for a company registration is 6 days.

For more Information and details on how EBM can assist you to expand your business, please contact us.