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Schutte's 2 Month Visit to Malaysia
Schutte's 2 Month Visit to Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – On August 23, 2005, Bernhard Schutte, Chairman of Electronic Business Management (EBM) Sdn. Bhd., from Fort Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A. made his journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a business stay of two months. Schutte’s main objective for this trip was to dedicate it as a learning trip. Schutte stated, “I really wanted to understand the people of Malaysia, by living and working there, I was able to speak with the politicians, senior citizens, college students, cooks, local cabbies, and children. I was able to understand how Malaysia really functions at all levels.” By knowing this information, it has allowed Schutte to better understand the business culture of Malaysia and the areas of needed improvement.

While in Malaysia, Schutte was able to meet and have discussions with high profiled people such as: Dato’ Dr. Haji Shafie Haji Mohd Salleh, Minister of Higher Education, Dato’ Sri Dr. Jamaludin B. Mohd Jarjis, Minister of Science, Technology, & Innovation, Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman, Director General of Malaysia National Space Agency, Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman, Chief Minister (Governor) of the State of Johor, Dato’ Seri Haji Mohd Hassan, Chief Minister (Governor) of the State of Negeri Sembilan, Ambassador Christopher LaFleur, US Ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk R. Karunakaran, Director General of MIDA, and many other leading businessmen.

Schutte was also able to meet with the Chief Operating Officers of Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation and Thailand Center for Excellence for Life Sciences. EBM is currently in discussions of creating databases in the biotechnology field for both Malaysia and Thailand. EBM’s application with sophisticated database management abilities will enable both Malaysia and Thailand to get ahead in the biotechnology field.

Invited by Dato’ Haji Abdul Ghani bin Othman, Chief Minister (Governor) of the State of Johor, Schutte and his team flew to the City of Johor Bahru, located in the southern State of Johor. The Chief Minister provided Schutte and his team an aerial tour of Johor Bahru on a Eurocopter to get a better understanding of the opportunities available. Schutte used this trip to perform research and discovery on a new waterfront city seeking to become the new world center for doing business in the Asia Pacific region. EBM is currently negotiating a consultancy deal with Johor Bahru to assist them in the building of this new waterfront city.

Schutte stated, “There were great results and relationships generated from this business trip to Malaysia and there is a lot of follow up that needs to be done. It really was a huge success on both a business level and an educational level and has enhanced EBM’s position in the Asia Pacific market.”