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What country is the best hub to work out of the Asia Pacific region?
QuestionWhat country is the best hub to work out of the Asia Pacific region?

This depends on the nature of your business. 

We often recommend Malaysia as a location to establish a company's asian headquarters because of its stable government and established intellectual property laws. Malaysia is a former British colony and has adapted many british laws that are easy to understand for westerners. The centralized location also makes Malaysia a good location for distribution or assembly of products, it is said that by flying 5 hours out of Malaysia, one can reach 60% of the world’s population. You will not find the cheapest labor force in Malaysia but one of the most educated at competitive prices. Malaysia has a diverse population and most speak several languages which enable company's to use the country as the Hub to gain access to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and China. In addition Malaysia maintains good relations with all surrounding country's which makes Malaysia the perfect Hub to penetrate all surrounding country's.

EBM is well connected in all Asia Pacific country's and will be able to suggest the right country that is best for your company.

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