Where to locate your business in Asia.

The right market to offer your product and services in Asia is oftentimes determined for you. As you offer your product or service in your home country, knowledge of it spreads in this interconnected world, oftentimes you will get inquiries from potential buyers in the Asian region. Your interest in pursuing these leads will be determined by your company’s need for expanded sales and ability to focus on these leads which are often fairly time consuming because of the time and distance that may separate you from your potential customer. Apart from reducing manufacturing costs, this is one of the most common reasons companies contact EBM to assist them to open offices in Asia.

When expanding to Asia you need to keep in mind that not all business environments are created equal. Doing business in some countries is much harder than in others because of government regulations, immature markets, low buying power and many other factors. Countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong offer very open and transparent markets but even in these countries the cost of doing business and the transparency of laws can vary tremendously. Other Countries such as China and Japan although much larger, are much more complicated and it will take more time and money to create results. Let EBM assist you to research your opportunities both on a country and a company basis before selecting a location to operate your Asian presence from. EBM will assist you to make the strategically right decision that saved money and resources on your expansion process.

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Malaysia has the infrastructure in place that you require for your Business.
It is often a hard decision where to locate your business in Asia. Let us assist you finding the right location for your business.
Malaysia has lots to offer, find out some of the advantages of working with EBM.

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